Who Am I ?


Who am I ?A question who's answer I know notA question to tell my presenceIs it a illusion or a dreamWhat's real and what's notEvery morning I ask myself a question of existenceA question of presenceIs it in my head or notTell me who am I ?I'll walk past lava I'll survive the disasterJust give … Continue reading Who Am I ?

This a documentary of NASA’s next mission in 2020

Mars 2020 National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationOver the past two decades, missions flownby NASA’s Mars Exploration Program haveshown us that Mars was once very differentfrom the cold, dry planet it is today. Evidencediscovered by landed and orbital missions pointto wet conditions billions of years ago. Theseenvironments lasted long enough to potentiallysupport the development of microbial … Continue reading This a documentary of NASA’s next mission in 2020